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Web Design

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The most cost effective marketing tool of a business is a well-designed website. Potential customers will normally make a decision about the reliability and quality of your company within seconds by visiting your website. Good design is an essential for getting the first impression.

We are offer high quality and creative web design for customers. We bring you the latest web technology and trend of design that makes your website look professional, compatible and fashion. Each of our design is tailor made instead of copying from templates, as we know each of you is unique. We guarantee that our web designers will always make you feel exciting for your website.

As we are using the open source web design tools for building the website, it ensures the sustainable of web development and standardised of coding. Therefore, there is no worry for the expansion of web function in future.

Our web technique covers:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Opencart
  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • VirtueMart
  • Zen Cart
  • osCommerce



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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website (“Site”) of Startup Business Centre (“Startup Business Centre”).

Startup Business Centre believes that the responsible use of personal information collected from you through this Site is critical to its business objectives and reputation. As part of our commitment to privacy, we have adopted this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy relates solely to personal information supplied by you on this Site. Any personal information provided by you to Startup Business Centre through this Site may be used for the purposes of your request and/or for the purposes of providing services or other products to you.

The information which you are requested to provide on this Site may be transferred within the Startup Business Centre group comprising Startup Business Centre, its subsidiaries, affiliates and associated companies. This may include transfer, with your consent, to other members of the Startup Business Centre group in different jurisdictions. In providing your telephone and facsimile numbers you are agreeing that Startup Business Centre may contact you by telephone and facsimile. Startup Business Centre will not reveal your details to any external body, unless Startup Business Centre either has your permission, or is under a legal obligation or any other duty to do so, or such disclosure is for the purposes of your request and/or for the purposes of providing services or other products to you.

Startup Business Centre wishes to assure you that your personal information will be treated as confidential and with high standards of security and confidentiality. Startup Business Centre pledges its intention fully to meet internationally recognized standards of personal data privacy protection and to comply with the requirements of applicable data protection/privacy laws. In doing so, we will ensure compliance by our staff with the same high standards of security and confidentiality.



Startup Business Centre makes available the information and materials on the Website (the "Materials") for general informational purposes only.


The Materials, including but not limited to summaries, descriptions, publications and any other such materials appearing on the Website, are not intended to constitute, and DO NOT constitute, financial, investment or business advice. Those accessing the Materials should not act upon them without first seeking legal, financial or other such business counsel, as these Materials are general in nature, and may not apply to particular factual or legal circumstances. As such, the Materials should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a professional adviser. Please consult a professional adviser should you have questions regarding legal, financial or other such business counsel. Neither Startup Business Centre, nor its members, affiliates, employees, agents, officers or directors will be responsible for any financial, legal or business decisions you may make. Moreover, Startup Business Centre’s member firms are separate and independent legal entities, and you agree that Startup Business Centre is not responsible for any acts of omissions of these entities.


Any price quotation, service information, employment benefits information or any other such information regarding the provision and fees for any service offered by Startup Business Centre or the benefits of employment by Startup Business Centre are provided purely for informational and illustrative purposes. Startup Business Centre does not guarantee, and makes no warranty, promise, or agreement that any depicted or described service or benefit is actually offered or comports with its description on the Website. Startup Business Centre reserves the right to cease offering any such services or benefits to prospective or current employees or clients at any time, in all cases without notice or liability.

This Web site may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies, and may not be complete or current. Startup Business Centre therefore reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice.


Certain links in this Site connecting to other third parties Sites are for general guidance only.?Startup Business Centre makes no representations to the accuracy or any other aspect of information contained in those Sites.

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